Dumb Ways to Die 2

If you are into the games with the funny characters and scenarios then this is what you were looking for. The Dumb Ways to Die 2 offers even bigger set of dumb characters with new levels and game modes. The whole idea of the game stayed the same, stay alive for as long as you can and enjoy 52 action packed mini games that the game offers.

Dumb Ways 2 Die

You might ask what’s new in the second part of thegame? Well, here is the list of new levels added to the game that offer new dumb and funny ways to die:
• Electric Fence Hurdles
• Don’t Block The Doorway
• Dynamite Relay Race
• Dolphin Rodeo
• Lighting Pole Vault
• Forcing The Doors
• Rocket Ski Jump
• Landmine Curling
• Javelin Catch
• Dropping A Phone
Dumb Ways to Die 2 also offers multiplayer challenge mode to battle against your friends. If you want your score to be recognized and seen globally choose your favorite dumb character and play for the first place on the global team leaderboard.
One of the best improvements of this game is the addition of “The Dumbgeon”. The mix of medieval style and our favorite dumb characters is just what you need to have fun. With new games such as: Penguin Jousting, Blind Blacksmithery, Rack Yoga, e.c. that Dumbgeon offers you won’t get bored. Apart from the Dumbgeon there are more places to visit and have fun on the game map like Dumb Dome, Freezerville, Camp Catasrophe, Drown Town, The Dumbest of the Dumb and Adrenaland.
The Game Features:
• A Variety of fun levels and modes
• An access to challenge mode
• Hilarious and innovative ways to die
• Online leaderboard
• Free Download
• Required: 3.0 Android and up
• Size: 44 MB
• Updated: Dec 16, 2015
• Offered by: Metro Trains
• The engaging rhythmic gameplay
• The high quality graphics
• A variety of the new dumb characters
• The control simplicity
• The close to realistic death scenes
• You can’t get enough of it! 

Explore all the new mini-games and new dumb ways to die, from cleaning the whale’s teeth to jumping on the electric fence hurdles. What could go wrong right? Well in this game everything can. So be attentive and try again as many times as you want the levels will only be getting harder with time. The basic controls are tapping on the screen as fast as you can, tilting the phone and the quick swiping as they were in the previous game. So jump on the fun train with our favorite dumb characters!
The game can be considered as sort of a call to raise the awareness of all the dumb ways we could really die. The things that may be considered pretty much safe can have terrible results if not thought through and well planned. Despite this fact the game is not recommended for the children due to all the graphic content and blood. Think twice and don’t be that guy who chose the dumb way to die 