Geometry Dash 2.1

The new update of Geometry Dash 2.01 is now available for both PC and Ios, Android systems, and Windows Phone.This new update fixes a lot of bugs that had version 2.0, and also includes an improvement in performance for those who play on mobile devices. It is expected that the levels of the game that have many moving objects do not cause much lag.Geometry Dash 2.01 also includes a counting system to count all the stars, demons and coins collected user. There was a bug in version 2.0 giving users extra coins will star in this new version 2.01 these errors are fixed and restores that problem.

Geometry Dash 2.1


The count of statistics will also eliminate won by using exploits or cheats and bugs that had version 2.0 stars. So if you see statistics that you lose when you install the update, you’ll know why it has been.It is expected that the system should be more stable now and the leaderboards are more lifelike and less players using traps and cheats, which improves the playability of the game.We recall that version 2.01 includes the same as the version of Geometry Dash 2.0 with new Deadlocked and Geometrical Dominator maps, but we can tell you that new map packs are about to leave within days!

One More Awesome amusement from android os is Geometry dash 2.1 has been cooking for quite a while and after numerous months of gossipy tidbits and questions, we can at last affirm that it is prepared the new redesign . Maybe most imperative it is that the new form obviously accompanies support for 64-bit structural planning in the iOS stage , in addition to a few upgrades and bug fixes , new levels and the sky is the limit from there. I needed to give a few points of interest of the advancements that brings underneath.

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Might 26, 2015: Robert Topala makes his first say of Update 2.1 on TouchArcade, saying “I needed to stir up the craftsmanship style a bit, keep things new. More absurdity in 2.1!” Because of this announcement, it is expected that there will be new enhancements.

September 22nd, 2015: Robert Topala entered Zobros’ stream on and made a Q&A. It is affirmed that another bounce ring will be included, and in addition another hostile to cheat framework that permits the amusement to take advancement (stars) from the player’s status when they utilize hacks.

September 28th, 2015: Robert Topala answers an inquiry on Toucharcade if there would be an unreleased tune simply like Geometrical Dominator. Topala answers with: ‘Likelihood is high, more than 100%

September 30th, 2015: Robert Topala posts the first teaser for the redesign. The picture demonstrates another four legged gamemode, taking after a creepy crawly. This would be with doubtlessly a second energized mode, after the robot.

October 29th, 2015: Robert Topala posts the second geometry dash 2.1 WIP picture on Twitter. This picture indicates 2 new symbols for the solid shape and another piece taking after stone and magma. The main symbol seems to have 3 hues: essential dark, auxiliary red, and an orange shine. The second symbol is by all accounts leaving the default trail and it would seem that it’s an alternate shading from its essential and auxiliary hues. This could imply that you can change your trail and shine to another shading.

For those who do not have this game, then talk about what really worth. Geometry Dash 2.1 apk is currently available for all mobile platforms and even also to the computer. This is a platform game which currently has 2.1 levels and each of the stages is highlighted because it has its own background music. While players are not required to complete a level to advance to the next difficulty increases largely.

Other important features of the game include a level editor that allows users to customize levels to play their choice, plus map packs are also available, as well as levels created by users secret coins and a lot of icons. Geometry dash uses a simple game in which only the screen to press for the character to move and dodge all the obstacles that appear in your way.

This makes the character jump in the air when the player clicks on any area of ​​the screen, plus players can also control the speed at which the character movement is , however they can not do is stop completely its progress. In other words , the timing and rhythm are the key pieces in Geometry dash 2.1 apk. The goal is the complete stage is to reach the end of it , however, if the player hits an obstacle will have to start the level from the beginning.

geometry dash 2.1