Before you get to hear about Geometry Dash Meltdown, you probably must have heard of Geometry Dash. If not, and you claim you are a gaming enthusiast, then you are way behind the times.

About the developers

Robert Topala in August 13th 2013 released thefirst ever Geometry Dash, under his company RobTop Games. Since then, this man has been a guy to look out for.

Geometry Dash can best be described in one word; success. Since its first release in August 2013, this game has enjoyed millions of downloads, and not over the almost two and a half years of its existence, but every time a new update is released to the mobile markets and steam.

In November 13th 2015, Robert Topala disclosed to his esteemed fans that a “secret project” will soon be released. A few weeks later, a trailer for Geometry Dash Meltdown was released and at the peak of the suspense, the game was officially released to the mobile markets. The legacy of Geometry Dash has definitely been carried on by Geometry Dash Meltdown; judging by the crazy number of downloads the game has already received from the Google Play Store, Apple App store and Google play store. But why is the game so popular?

Graphics layout.

Before I can get to answer the question posed above, let’s first dig into the graphics of this arcade game. Affirming the old saying like father like son, Geometry Dash Meltdown does not boast of super 3D graphics that need your phone to have an NVidia graphics card to run. Much like its predecessors, it is a simple 2D game that uses simple lines and curves to represent the different icons and obstacles present in the game. The name “Meltdown” is not there because you will literally have to go through hot lava and raging fire in the game (though the difficulty of the game play might make you think so). Rather, the name is inspired by the fiery theme and gear saw blades expansively used in the game. All through the various levels, the most you will be doing is navigating a 2D shape through a 2D obstacle course. Now, this may not sound so appealing for a graphics enthusiast who believes in super 3D graphics as the cardinal property of a good game, but once you get into the gameplay, your criticism will turn into praise.


This is where my question gets answered in a very straight forward and convincing way. Geometry Dash Game is not just an arcade game, or a rhythm based running game as others might describe it. This is a fun-filled addictive game that once you get into playing it, you will need to be tightly gripped to be pulled out of it. The game is split into three levels, for the free version, though the full version supports up to five levels. The primary objective of this game is getting a certain shape or object as others might call it, through an obstacle course. If you happen to hit an obstacle, you fail that level. Now here is the interesting part; once you fail a certain level, you don’t start from the last checkpoint. You start from the very beginning of that level. Now you
see why this game is addictive? It gives you the urge to play it over and over again and beat your last record; because if you don’t reach the end of the level, you are just at the start.

Manoeuvring the shape through the obstacles is done by
tapping the screen. The icon accelerates through the screen as you manoeuver
it. Since once you fail you have to start over again, marking of your progress
in this game is unique in its own way. The last point you reached for a certain
level is marked. If you pass it, after starting the whole level over again, your
overall progress is updated according to where you reach next.

Geometry Dash  comes with three playable levels; the
seven seas, Viking arena and airborne robots. Difficulty gets higher as you go
down this list. The other two levels are playable only if you get the update
2.1 or buy the full version of the game. For those who loved the demon-based
levels in Geometry Dash, Meltdown melted down this part. Unlike the predecessor,
the stars obtained when you finish a level in Meltdown are not usable anywhere.
Furthermore, the blast processing icon in the game is only usable once you
finish the level, on the full version.

The soundtracks in this game are a complete winner. F-777,
better known as Jesse Valentine is the voice behind these soundtracks. What makes
this game really tick is the seamless synchronisation of the game and the
soundtracks (I bet this is why it is referred to as a rhythm-based running
game). The synchronisation is pretty good, but at some point things really get
off-rhythm; both game-wise and soundtrack-wise. This is not a major cause for
alarm. Still on the downside, no background music plays in the vault.

RobTop Games put in interesting new features in this new
game. For starters, if you happen to have the free version and you want to
upgrade to the full version, the new icons you obtained in the free version don’t
have to go to a waste. By just the touch of a button, the new icons can be
transferred. However, icons obtained through the update 2.1 can only work in
2.1. When you touch the options menu, a new feature pops up. This is the “fast
practice reset.” This feature allows the player to spawn faster than usual. In this
case, the reset time is cut from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. If you have played Geometry
Dash and you want to sync data from its account to the Meltdown app, a touch of
a button is all you need. Syncing data from the Meltdown app to the Geometry
Dash account is however not possible as the save button is greyed.

If you think Geometry Dash  is a game you can finish
in one run, think again (unless you are one hell of a gamer and you seriously
believe in your running-game skills). This game might look simple, but it will
meltdown your ego and your touchscreen. However, the crazy energy and tempo of
this game will keep you asking for more and more.

Geometry Dash Online is a special version of this Enjoyable endless-running series. This match has unique images, suitable for all ages, especially kids and families. It is possible to experience this match in your browser because it’s really a flash video game.

In this game you may control a square character. Your task is to Duplicate the barriers on how and run as far as you can. The longer you run, the more points you’ll have. This match has 3 modes for you:

Stereo Madness: You will face complex terrain. Your personality will Mechanically proceed and you must jump to dodge the obstacles on how.

Back on Course: Much as Stereo Madness. Nevertheless, the map will have springs. Whenever you hit them, you jump high. Note: Should you hit on spike or blocks along the way, you will lose.

Polargeist: Same as Stereo Madness. However, the map will probably have yellow dots. Once you hit on them you need to use double jump to pass spikes and holes.

Moreover, this game tank troubles can be acquired for cellular devices (Android and also IOS). Best of Luck And have a great time!