Geometry Dash Game

Few mobile games are as frustrating and addictive as Geometry Dash. Developed by
Robert Topola, the game has been labeled an almost impossible game to play, and
for good reasons. The game is available
on Apple Appstore as well as on Google PlayStore. Though you will have to part
with $ 1.99 to download the game, it is totally worth it. Ironically, the
frustrating nature of the game has earned it millions of fans all of whom want
to feel the satisfaction of conquering this music-themed platform action game.

The basic objective of the game is fairly straightforward; all you have to do is
navigate a square through a hostile environment. So basically all you have to
do is tap on your phone’s screen to jump over obstacles, sounds easy right? Not
quite, you see hitting anything that is not solid ground or one of the
interactive elements of the game translates to instant death, and you have to
start all over again. If somehow you do manage to make it through the first
level you win the right to customize your runner accompanied by the feeling of
satisfaction you get after completing a Herculean task. Unfortunately, making
it through the first level unlocks another tougher level. As you progress, the
square character transforms into a rocket.

Since everyone, the developer included, is in agreement that Geometry Dash is a lot
tougher than it sounds on paper, the game features a practice mode. The latter
gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills before tackling the real game.
Also, the game features a level creator or editor, which you can use to create
your own personalized play area and even share the created areas. Another
exciting feature is the soundtrack that plays in the game. The soundtrack plays
in harmony with the game, and thus aids you in knowing when to jump.

Unlike the game itself, the practice mode is simpler and provides you with hints that
make getting over the obstacles easier. Also, in the practice mode you are
excused from re-starting a level every time you fall or hit an obstacle. Of
course playing in the practice mode does not guarantee you success in the
normal mode. Thus, you can still expect the frustrations of having to rewind a
level after falling. However, although the game is tough, it’s also fair, so
you have a fighting chance.

The Geometry Dash action game is compatible with a number of devices including the
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire. Regarding price, the game is
available both as a free trial lite version and as a full paid version game.
The free lite version of the game offers you a glimpse into the paid version.
Thus, the free version does not have the level creator and the extra levels.
The 36.60 MB game is compatible with devices that have iOS 4.3 and above and
the Android 2.2 and above, and is recommended for persons aged eight years and
above. In conclusion, the game’s
addictive nature will keep you glued to your phone screen for hours.